Steep has probably been forgotten by many, but Ubisoft has yet to let Steep go downhill. Ubisoft is bringing a new DLC for Steep and its called Winterfest.

Now you may ask yourself what will be included in this DLC that might want to bring you guys back to the game. The biggest addition to this DLC, in my opinion, is the new vehicle the ‘sled’. Plus some extra cool costume my favorite the Dino costume. Below you can see screenshots of the costumes.

Cool Costumes right? Another addition is getting more challenges to defeat bosses. I don’t know if this is going to bring Steep up, but it’s a cool DLC to the game.

Steep’s Winterfest DLC does seem a bit expensive for what it bring. It will cost a whopping¬†$11.99/¬£9.99.